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    Suzhou Jingye Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Pharmaceutical raw materials
    Advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, CDMO services

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    Quality system

    Jingye Medicine & Chemical

    It is our consistent aim to regard quality as the life of an enterprise. The goal of enterprises is to produce high-quality products. The company actively promotes the construction of the quality management system, and sets up the Quality Assurance Department (QA) and the Quality Inspection Department (QC), which respectively exercise the functions of quality supervision, management and quality inspection.
    The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for establishing and improving the company's quality supervision system, and setting up full-time QA personnel to standardize and improve the company's quality management systems.
    The Quality Inspection Department is responsible for the analysis and inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, intermediates and finished products used in the company's production. The quality inspection center is equipped with a series of advanced detection instruments and equipment, including imported gas chromatography instruments, imported high performance liquid chromatography instruments, automatic titrators, automatic polarimeters, automatic melting point meters, KF moisture meters and other detection instruments.

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