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    Suzhou Jingye Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Pharmaceutical raw materials
    Advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, CDMO services

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    EHS system

    Jingye Medicine & Chemical

    Safety, environmental protection, occupational health and EHS

    ●   Adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment".

    ●   Strictly comply with national and local EHS laws, regulations and standards.

    ●   Strengthen the company's EHS management in all aspects, implement and gradually improve the internal operating procedures.

    ●   The effective operation of the DCS/SIS system realizes the automation of all high-risk processes, aiming at minimizing the impact on the environment and minimizing the occupational health risks and safety hazards.

    ●   Promote green chemical projects, including the design of green processes, the development and continuous flow of biocatalysts.

    EHS is the basic element for the survival of enterprises and an unavoidable topic in the development of enterprises

    EHS facilities&DCS system

    The workshop adopts DCS/SIS system, which is safe and reliable

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